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Karlštejn castle stands over Berounka 2020-04-18 - 1357 Karlštejn was built as an impregnable fortress for receiving the most precious treasures of the Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Bohemia. The builder was Matthias of Arras, decoration was carried out among others. Master Theodoric and Mikuláš Wurmser Continue
Hot air balloon above Prague
Hot air balloon above Prague 1790-10-28 - Jean Pierre Blanchard, balloonist, performed in Prague, his hot-air balloon. Royal started in the field and landed Works in. Ascended to a height of about 1,700 meters, the flight lasted 1 hour Continue
Prokop Divis lightning rod designs
Prokop Divis lightning rod designs 1754-06-15 - Prokop Divis, priest and physicist constructs "weather machine" known as the lightning rod. Unlike Franklin's lightning rod grounded Diviš Continue
Astronomia nova: Sun rotates around its axis?
Astronomia nova: Sun rotates around its axis? 1609-04-06 - Johannes Kepler, court astronomer at the court of Emperor Rudolf II., Issued a statement in Prague "Astronomia nova" where he formulated his first two laws of planetary motion Continue
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